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Optimize infrared sensing with MCU algorithms and pulse-interval sampling to reduce product energy consumption and ensure the consistency and stability in complex environments.

Upgrade double sensor for faucet, two sets of sensing areas, two water modes, 0.25 second fast induction.
Drains water inductively by IR, reducing touch pollution.
Bottom sensor for short-term water needs – When the sensor enters the bottom sensing area (within a limited distance of 100mm), the water began to flow out. When the sensor leaves, Water stops flowing out.
Side sensor meets water storage requirements – When the sensor enters the side sensing area (within a limited distance of 50mm), the water began to flow out. The current lasts for three minutes, and the water remains flow out even if the sensory object leaves. If the sensor enters the side sensing area again during the water flow process, the water can be stopped at any time.
First-class water efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
Simple design style, adapt to various home styles.
6 sets of adapters, meet your different needs.

Brand: ZAJIA (Xiaomi Ecological Chain)
Weight: 105g
Size: 60 * 34 * 49mm
Standby Energy Consumption: ≤0.2mW
Working Water Pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa
Sensing Range: Side Sensor 0-50mm/Bottom Sensor 0-100mm
Water Efficiency: First Level
Protection Grade: IPX6
Charging Method: USB
Battery: 5V lithium battery(built-in)
Weight: 80g / 2.8ounce
Package size: 150 * 100 * 80mm / 5.9 * 3.9 * 3.1in
Package weight: 105g / 3.7ounce

– Inductively drains water.
– Water saving.
– Convenient to disassemble and assemble.
– Super long battery endurance.
– Water overflow protection.
– IPX6 Waterproof.

Within 75  water temperature is OK.

Package Included:
1 x Infrared Induction Water Saving Device For Faucet
1 x Installation Wrench
3 x Seal Rings
6 x Adapters
1 x Instructions

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