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Before you order, please note it:
This is Xiaomi Ecological chain brand product, shipping without Xiaomi packing and no any Xiaomi logo on it.
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NINETYGO mini capper is portable and easy to operate. With two steps, user can protect the food from contamination and save the flavor. When turning the button, the machine can change its function swiftly as an opener or a sealer to work as bi-serviceable. After using, user need to turn the button again in avoid of the overheat. As a bag capper, it can be used widespreadly on different material.       

The capper utilizes the technology of thermofuse to avoid the scalding.
It can serve as both a sealer and an opener.
The design of security lock makes sure the machine will not work unnoticedly.
The magnetic bottom can attach it the refrigerator to save storage space.
It can be applied in different kinds of material. 

Product name: NINETYGO Portable Mini Capper
Material: ABS/ Silicone/ Copper/ Nickle/ Ceram 
Product size: 110*48*56mm / 4.3*2*2.2inch
Color: White / Green
Voltage: DC 3V
Power: AA
Package size: 120*50*60mm / 4.7*2*2.3inch
Package weight: 200g
There are two AA batteries in the package. Please buy the same AA battery when replace them.
If the bag is thick, please slow down the pace of zipping.
The capper is not available to paper bag, thick PTP bag that contain liquid.
After using, please remember to turn the button to avoid the high-temperature.

Package List:
1 * Capper
2 * AA Battery

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