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This small-heater is your must-have in winter. Has PTC ceramic heating element, with convection air duct design and the air inlet design, automatic overheat-protection and easy to carry, you can use it wherever you want, come on and try it.

The product has PTC ceramic heating element, no open-flame when working, low working temperature, long service life, energy saving and environmental-protection, quiet and no noise when working.
The convection air duct design and the air inlet design take care of the place where the air flows through, and minimize wind noise on the basis of ensuring smooth wind.
Intelligent temperature control, long-term power saving: when the temperature reaches 120℃, it will stop heating, when the temperature inside the body drops to 90℃, it will automatically restart heating, and when the temperature exceeds 120℃, it will automatically power off.
Turbine wind wheel has uniform speed and large air volume, and the motor has a long service life.
Low noise and no light, no eye damage, fine use feeling.
Automatic overheat-protection, the fuselage adopts blocking material, and the heat dissipation effect is fine.
Small and portable, small in size, easy to carry, can be placed on desks, desks and other places, with a wide ranges of applications.
This product has three colors to be choosed, white, pink and blue, you can choose the one you want.

Main material: plastics
Power: 500W
Color: white, pink, blue(optional)
Rated voltage: 220/V 50Hz
Diameter of air outlet: 120mm
Gear: one
Length of wire: 100CM
Item size: 163 * 160 * 153mm / 6.4 * 6.3 * 6.0in
Package size: 185 * 175 * 140mm / 7.3 * 6.9 * 5.5in
Package weight: 600g / 1.3lb

Packing List:(optional)
1 * Warmer

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