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The precise stitching, quality interior and excellent exterior fabric makes this dog belly band durable and totally suitable to daily wear. As a perfect male dog belly band, it is quick dry and easy to put on. Beside, with its mellow color, it is capable of making your dogs look cute and handsome in summer.

Effective protection: Protect the your dog's butt from harassment by other pets.
Breathable Fabric: Soft and breathable, comfortable to wear, without hurting your fur friends.
Toilet Training: It is suitable for untrained puppies or dogs with urinary incontinence.
Perfect Suit for Dogs: As a belly band specially designed for dogs, it will not bring discomfort to dogs and train dogs to excrete in order to reduce your nursing work.
Soft and Comfortable: The dog belly band is soft and comfortable enough to be accepted by your pet.
Durable Polyester Material: High quality and durable fabrics ensure the durability and air permeability of the dog belly band, providing complete free movement without compromise. 
Adjustable Fastener: This dog belly band suit uses nylon fastener design, which saves you a lot of trouble and less discomfort to the dog during the wearing process. Beside, it is adjustable so that it is effortless to fit your dog’s body.
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Item Name: Dog Belly Bands
Item Model: PD10033
Color: Blue
Main Material: Polyester
Optional size:
XS: Waist circumference: 20-28cm; Weight: 22g
S: Waist circumference: 26-34cm; Weight: 29g
M: Waist circumference: 35-42cm; Weight: 43g
L: Waist circumference: 43-48cm; Weight: 65g
XL: Waist circumference: 49-58cm; Weight: 89g

Package Size:

XS: 18 * 25 * 1.5cm; S: 18 * 25 * 2cm; M: 18 * 25 * 2cm; L: 18 * 25 * 2.5cm; XL: 18 * 25 * 4cm

Poly bag package.

There could be a few deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Package List:
1 * Dog Belly Band

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