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It's a compact thermometer that doesn't need a battery, but just link to your phone and you can use it.

Made of fine quality materials, practical and has a long service life.
With LED screen, you can read clearly.
°C/°F can be converted with one click, and the thermometer can be used for different reading habits.
The temperature can be measured in a very short time without contact. Safety and health.
Instead of a traditional thermometer, the body is thinner, the size of a car key, and easier to carry.
With fine sensors, the data is accurate.

Joint: compatible with Type-C/iPhone/Android (optional)
Material: plastic
Measuring ranges: 32°C~42°C
Accuracy: body temperature mode ±0.2°C
Measurement distance: 10-80mm
Measurement time: 1 seconds
Environmental conditions: 10°C~35°C
Operating humidity: ≤85%
Accuracy/body temperature mode:
Within ranges 32.0℃ -42.9℃:±0.2℃
Out of ranges 32.0℃-42.9℃:±0.3℃
Power supply: USB Input direct current 5V
Item size: 43 * 35 * 14mm / 16.9 * 13.8 * 5.5in
Item weight: 12.5g / 0.4ounce
Package size: 60 * 45 * 30mm / 23.6 * 17.7 * 11.8in
Package weight: 30g / 1.1ounce

Packing List:
1 * Thermometer

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