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Allows you to use up to five different devices for charging and data purposes. two front USB-A and two USB-C connectors. An additional vertical USB-A connector is located inside a special compartment for dashcam storage.
Replacement for Tesla Model 3 Y produced after May 2020 
Perfect intergration with the Tesla console,make it clean and tidy, no additional USB splitters, hubs, USB-A to USB-C converters needed.
Hidding storage, beautiful and generous, will not appear disorderly.
Nice fit vehicle design, simple and convenient installation.
Magnetics suction press cover plate, press open close, hidding storage.

Material: ABS+PC
Only applicable to NEW model 3 Y (After May 2020 Produce)
Color: black
Package size:26*22*6cm
Package weight: 351g

Note: No delivery in U.S. region, please do not buy!

Package Included:
1 x  Multi USB Hub

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