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The charge base can simultaneously charge two XBOX ONE controller batteries, with indicator lamp.

Can simultaneously charge two XBOX ONE controller batteries.
With indicator lamp, it shows red light when charge and turns green when fully charged.
Connect 5V power when charge, put the XBOXONE battery into the charge hole according to the correct polarity.
5VDC input voltage, 2.4-3.0VDC output voltage.
Compact and lightweight, easy to store and carry.

Material: ABS
Input Voltage: 5VDC
Output Voltage: 2.4-3.0VDC
Battery: 4 x Ni-Cd AA batteries
Package Weight: 202.9g / 7.16ounces
Package Size: 154 * 125 * 95mm / 6.06 * 4.92 * 3.74in

Packing List:
2 * Battery Packs
1 * Dual Charge Base
1 * USB Cable

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