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The strong lock opener with accessories are practical to open most of locks, strong spring and jump tip, easily open lock.

Lock pick pistol can be used to open most of pin tumbler locks, double track car locks.
With strong jump tip and big adjustable extent.
Strong lock opener pistol has a very strong spring which could easily pick pin tumbler and disc tumbler locks.
It comes complete with 4 pick blades and 1 tension wrench.
The coating of pistol consists of lacquer can resist stain and rust.
Suitable for both daily life use and professional locksmith, or lock opener hobby.

Material: Steel
Color: Silver
Package Weight: 184g / 6.49ounces
Package Size: 120 * 110 * 14mm / 4.72 * 4.33 * 0.55in

Package List:
1 * Strong Lock Opener
1 * Tension Wrench
4 * Open Blade

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