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This product is an vital tool for your to achieve your intelligent life. With this product, you can control the temperature of the device, which can be achieved through your phone, it is easy to operate, come on and try it, it will not let you down.

TRV supports multiple voice platforms, you can directly use voice to control the device. The intelligent scene makes your life easier.
It is easy for you to install it: Unscrew the adapter and put in to the valve, then tighten the adapter, and rotate the temperature control body onto the adapter.
With LED display screen, so you can see the data more clearly, which can give you a better using experience.
You can control the temperature through the APP of your phone, even you are away from home, you do not need to worry about forget to adjust the temperature.
Independent temperature control function, you can set the different product of different temperature, which can give you the more humanization experience.
This product can intelligently control the device through APP after connect it to ZigBee.

Material: PC
Working voltage: 1.5V
Temperature control range: 5℃~35℃
Stand-by power consumption: 3uW
Starting power consumption: 0.3W
Adapter: M28, M30, RA
Noise: ≤30dba
Connect way: M30 * 1.5mm
Item size: 94 * 58 * 58mm / 3.7 * 2.3 * 2.3in
Item weight: 195g / 6.9ounce
Package size: 120 * 75 * 75mm / 4.7 * 3.0 * 3.0in
Package weight: 240g / 8.5ounce

Packing list:
1 * Radiator Thermostat
1 * User Manual
1 * Set Accessory

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