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This device is highly sensitive, can respond quickly, accurate measurement of low level concentration of-gas. Suitable for home, office buildings, factories, school, hotel, warehouses, entertainment places, etc.

Clear LCD display, tracking any information at a glance.
Intelligent detect all kinds of gas-leakage (such as petroleum-gas, natural-gas, methane), reduce accident.
When a gas-leak is detected, the level-ring is displayed and "There is gas-leak. Check now" is heard. When gas-leak level raises continuously and preset level is reached, the detector alarm sound, the red alarm indicator flashes.
When the temperature around detector increases to preset value, the red alarm indicator flashes, the value-ring is displayed, "Heat alarm, Check now" is heard and a same text notification is pushed to your mobile.
The detector can be connected to external equipment such as solenoid valves and exhaust fans. After an alarm occurs, the equipment is automatically controlled to reduce potential safety hazards.
Easy to install and the indicator light makes reading convenient.

Color: black+white
Material: plastics
Consumption: <200mA
Working temperature: -10 to 55℃
Range: 0-100%LEL
Alarm setting value: 6%LEL
Tolerance: ±3%LEL
Response time: ≤30s
Heat alarm value: 57℃
Alarm volume: ≥70dB
Item size: 86 * 86 * 25mm / 3.4 * 3.4 * 1.0in
Item weight: 50g / 1.8ounce
Package size: 95 * 95 * 55mm / 3.7 * 3.7 * 2.2in
Package weight: 155g / 5.5ounce

Packing List:
1 * Gas-Sensor
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual

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