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Note: Built-in RF 433MHz module, which is compatible with Sonoff, Broadlink and other brands of RF 433MHz remote controls. 
Note: The remote controller is not included.

The Electric Curtain Motor Kit is a complete set with smart WIFI curtain blind motor, curtain track and ceiling mount tracker, also with wall mount bracket and mounting accessories. The track can be cut to the size as your like to fit the width of your wall. It supports APP remote control, timing function, and compatible with Alexa and Google Home for voice control. Choose this smart electric curtain kit to make your home warmer, and enjoy a happier and smarter life brought by the combination of technology and fashion! 2.2m, 3.2m, 4.2m, 5.2m, 6.2m, 7.2m, 8.2m total 7 kinds of length optional to meet your different needs. Buy it!

【Complete Set】This is a complete set, with smart curtain motor, curtain track and ceiling mount tracker, also with wall mount bracket and mounting accessories, you do not need to spend extra money and time to buy accessories.
【APP Remote Control】Cool and fantastic tech design that makes your life so much easier with a simple clicking on your smart phone via Tuya/SmartLife APP, which makes your home smarter. 
【Voice control】Compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo and for Google Home / Google Assistant, you can turn on or off the curtain just by voice, free your hands.
【Timing Function】You can set scheduled/countdown timers in the APP to turn on/off your electronic curtain. 7:00 open the curtain, let the sun slowly wake you up in the morning. 22:00 close the curtain, sleep mode for quite comfort.
【Manual Start Function】Under power-on state, pull the curtain about 10cm in one direction by hand, the curtain will automatically open or close. In the case of power failure, it can be opened and closed manually like ordinary curtains.
【Flexible Length Adjusting】Adjustable track can cut to the size as your like to fit the width of your wall. Open from middle and side are allow. Customize stop position, it can be controlled the ratio of opening and closing.
【Sync Status】Real-time curtain status showed on App. Also support RF 433HMz remote control ON/OFF. (The remote controller not included)
【Silent Motor Design】Using high-precision DC motor, low power consumption, low running sound. Dry contact control.

Power Plug: US/UK/EU/AU optional
Curtain Motor Rated Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated power: 40W
Speed: 10cm/s
Torque: 1.2NM
Insulation Class: E class
Protection Level: IP20
Wireless connection: 2.4GHz
Control Mode: Mobile APP "Tuya/SmartLife"
App Support: Android/iOS 
Material: Aluminum + metal + ABS + PC
Open method: Open from middle or side
Track total length: 2.2m, 3.2m, 4.2m, 5.2m, 6.2m, 7.2m, 8.2m optional
Suitable size(wall to wall): 2.2m(under 2.2m), 3.2m(2.2m-3.2m), 4.2m(3.2m-4.2m), 5.2m(4.2m-5.2m), 6.2m(5.2m-6.2m), 7.2m(6.2m-7.2m), 8.2m(7.2m-8.2m)

Package Information:
Package Size: Approx. 105 * 24 * 5cm / 41.3 * 9.4 * 2in (2.2m-5.2m)
Package Size: Approx. 105 * 30 * 8cm / 41.3 * 11.8 * 3.1in (6.2m-8.2m)
Package Weight: Approx. 4000g / 141oz / 8.82lb (2.2m), 4600g / 162.3oz / 10.1lb (3.2m), 5300g / 187oz / 11.7lb (4.2m), 6000g /  
                                          211.6oz / 13.2lb (5.2m), 6700g / 236.3oz / 14.8lb (6.2m), 7400g / 261oz / 16.3lb (7.2m), 8000g / 282.2oz / 17.6lb (8.2m)   

Q: Can i install the track to the wall?
A: Sure, all parcel will come with smart curtain motor, ceiling mount tracker, wall mount bracket and mounting accessories, so u can install as your like.
Q: Do I need to buy extra mounting accessories?
A: NO, this is a complete set, you don't need to buy extra mounting accessories, after the splicing track is completed, you just need to hang up the curtains. 
Q: Could i make it open from middle?
A: Yes, it allow us to open to curtains from right to left, from left to right or from middle to both side. All just depend on install way.
Q: Could install them to a corner?
A: Sure, but u should get an additional corner connector ARC track.

Package List:
1 * Smart Electric Curtain Motor
1 * Set of Main Transmission Box
1 * Set of Carrier
1 * Set of Runner
1 * Set of Install Iron
1 * Set of Track
1 * Set of Belt
1 * Set of Hook
1 * Set of Auxiliary Gearbox

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