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Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, has a long service life.

LCD Touching Screen: The intelligent thermostat adopts an elegant and sensitive LCD touching screen design, which is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.
APP Remote Control: Whether you are at home or on the go, you can remotely control the thermostat by installing the TuyaSmart app from your phone or tablet.
Voice Control: This thermostat works perfectly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Just simply give a voice command to turn on/off or set a suitable temperature when you are on go.
Programming Mode: 8-day programmable modes, which are 6+2, 6+1 and 8 to meet your multiple needs.
Energy Saving: This intelligent thermostat can help you save about 20% of your annual heating costs.
Functions: The digital thermostat adopts microcomputer control technology. The thermostat has manual and automatic function, programmable function, and state memory function.

Material: ABS
Color: white
Type: GA, GB, GC (optional)
GA: water heating
GB: electric heating
GC: gas boiler
Voltage: AC 95-240V
GA: 3A
GB: 16A
GC: 3A
Package size: 110 * 98 * 57mm / 4.3 * 3.9 * 2.2in
Package weight: 193g / 6.8ounce

Packing List:
1 * Thermostat
1 * User Manual

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