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This item is a universal switch for your smart home system to remotely and automatically turn on/off any appliances by phone APP. When the temperature of the environment falls within the range, it will automatically turn on or off the connected devices. It also supports timing turning on/off the appliances and supports presetting the range for temperature. It's with a 433MHz RF receiver module inside, which can be used together with the RF remote controller, and enable you to control appliances indoor without phone APP. Work with the TH-16 RF Smart Switch and the waterproof DS18B20 sensor, you can make your home smarter. 

*App Support: Free iOS and for Android mobile App eWeLink.
*Sync Status: Real-time device status provided to App.
*Real-time monitor: Monitor real-time temperature.
*Remote ON/OFF: Turn electrical devices on/off from anywhere, with high accuracy temperature waterproof DS18B20 sensor.
*Supports control by 433MHz RF Remote. After successfully learning codes with 433MHz RF Remote, the TH-16 RF WIFI switch can be turned on/off by remote control indoors.
*Share Control: Control your smart home together with your family.
*Timing: Supports 8 enabled countdown/single/repeat timing tasks to turn on/off at specified time.
*Auto Mode: Set Auto mode to turn on/off at a specified temp. range.
*Manual Mode: Set manual mode to turn on/off immediately.
*Trigger Smart Scene: The temp. value works as smart scene trigger conditions to trigger on/off other eWeLink devices. 
*Voice Control: Compatible with "Amazon" Alexa, for Google Home, for Google Nest.
*Waterproof temperature sensor with stainless steel temperature probe, high accuracy, wide usage in daily life.

Input voltage: AC 85-250V 
Input current: Max 16A 
Max. Power: 3500W(16A)
Wireless Standard: 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n & 433MHz RF
Security Mechanism: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Control mode: Mobile APP EWeLink
Platform: for Android, iOS
Gang: 1
Support temperature sensor: DS18B20 (not support humidity sensor now)
Remote Control battery: 1*12V 23A (included)
Remote Control: 1 key
Enclosure Material: Fire-retardant ABS V0
Humidity: 5%-90%RH, Non-condensing
Operating Temperature: 0ºC-40ºC
TH-16 RF Smart Switch Size: 94*57*32 (mm)
Remote Control Size: 60*39*13 (mm)

DS18B20 Sensor Specification:
Type: Waterproof temperature sensor
Probe: Stainless steel temperature probe
Temperature Measuring Range: -55℃~+125℃
Operating Voltage: 3.0-5.5V
Weight: 26g
Length: 1m

Package Information:
Package Size: Approx. 15*12*4cm / 5.9*4.7*1.6in
Package Weight: Approx. 133g / 4.7oz 

Packing List:
1 * TH-16 RF Smart Switch
1 * DS18B20 Sensor
1 * Remote Controller

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