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Multifunctional 3D printer which has various functions and a wide range of applications.

The machine is small, beautiful and light.
SLA technology is mature, high print resolution, accurate to micron.
Easy to operate, just few steps.
All stainless steel design, durability.
Simple maintenance and cheap accessories.
The first choice for entry-level SLA 3D printers.
Large range of applications.
It can serve multiple printing requirements.
Printing with one click.
Meticulous stainless steel parts for worry-free use.

Printing Technology: LCD sterolithography
Dimensin: 170φ*275mm
Build Volume: 61.8 * 110 * 125mm / 2.43 * 4.33 * 4.92in
XY Resolution: 57um
Pattern Generation: 1080p
Speed: 20-25mm/hour
Consumptive Material(not included): photosensitive resin
Package Size: 340 * 240 * 240mm / 13.59 * 9.45 * 9.45in
Item Weight: 2700g / 5.95lb
Package Weight: 3080g / 6.79lb

Package List:
1 * 3D Printer

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