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Powered by solar energy, this lamp has 6500K bright light, suitable to use for security light, doorpost, porch, trash can, corridor, pathway and patio etc.
The lamp powered by solar power instead of traditional electricity , economical and energy saving.
No wire needed, easy installation and operation.
IP65 waterproof, suitable for indoor/outdoor use. Still performs well in various weather conditions.
Induction Mode: When motion is detected, the light will auto turn on in night; auto turn off if no body 20-25s.
Seperated solar panel and lamp design, allows it to install indoor but still powerd by solar, flexible and economical.

Battery: 3.7V, 1200mah
1.2W(32 LED)
1.4W(48 LED)
1.5W(64 LED)
1.6W(80 LED)
2.0W(110 LED)
Color Temperature: 6500K
Solar Panel: PCB Board
80*45.5mm, 0.55W
Material: ABS
Lighting Area: 15 square meters
Lamp Size: 115*112*48mm / 4.5*4.4*1.9in
Package Size: 120*115*50mm / 4.7*4.5*2.0 in
Package Weight: 195g / 6.9 oz

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