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Battery operated smoke and temperature alarm can be installed easily.
This product is a photoelectric smoke detector, The photoelectric smoke sensor and temperature sensor are used on the circuit to monitor the fire condition.
The main control chip uses the professional analog-to-digital conversion input port to intelligently judge the sensor signal.
The structure adopts unique photoelectric signal feature processing and professional design, so the product has stable, It is dust-proof, insect-proof and resistant to external light interference.
The product is suitable for smoke monitoring in indoor environments such as houses, shopping malls, hotels, shops,office buildings, teaching buildings, and warehouses.

Colors: White
Material: ABS
Battery: 9V(not include)
Item Size: 10.7*3.5cm
Package Size: 11.3*11.1*6.3cm
Package Weight: 200g

Packing List:
1xSmoke Detector
1xUser Manual

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