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*Very convenient to use, simple wiring diagram connection way. 
*Suitable for motor forward and reverse, projection screen, electric curtain, electric hanger, garage door, retractable door, etc.
*Learning pair code: it can work with any remote control with the same frequency RF 433Mhz, so you needn't worry about losing remote control any more. 
*Output State: Latched: Press button"Up  Triangle", the Motor Forward, Press Button "Square" is stop.  Press Button " Down Triangle"  , the Motor Reverse, Press Button"Square"is stop
*Learning Code: Input AC220V for the receiver, press the receiver learning button, the LED indicator flash, then press the transmitter button, the LED indicator OFF, it means the learning is successfully. When you press the Up Stop Down Button, you will hear the sound of the relay.

Input Voltage: AC220V  
Output Voltage: 2pcs Live Line
Function: Manual & Remote Control
Transmitter & Receiver Buttons: "Up  Triangle"  Up/Motor Forward
Button " Down Triangle"  for Down/Motor Reverse
Button "Square" for Stop
Applicative Motor: AC220V 500W or less 3 Lines Forward Reverse Motor (Forward Line + Reverse Line + COM Line)
Encoding Type: Learning Code (Learning Button to add Transmitter)
Transmitter: 50m Transmitter with a base for fixed it on the wall
Receive Size: 83 * 51 * 24mm (L * W * H)
Transmitter Size: 120 * 45 * 18mm (L * W * H)

Package Information:
Package Size: Approx. 15 * 12 * 3cm / 5.7 * 5.7 * 1.9in
Package Weight: Approx. 128g/4.52oz  (1PCS Remote Control)          
Package Weight: Approx. 182g / 6.45oz    (2PCS Remote Control)  

Package List:
1 * Receiver
1/2 Optional * Transmitter (with battery)

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