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The S20R-MWLNR08 holder, 10pcs WNMG0804 blades and 2pcs spanners are nice lathe grinding cutting tools for semi-finishing and finishing.

Profiling bar for semi-finishing and finishing operations.
Bar hardness approximately 45HRC.
Nice toughness and hardness, long service life.
It can reduce the tool grinding cost and improve the cutting efficiency.
Well low temperature impact toughness, improved the surface gloss of the cutting pieces.

Material: Steel
Shank Size: 200 * 20mm / 7.87 * 0.79in
Package Weight: 582g / 20.53ounces
Package Size: 200 * 40 * 40mm / 7.87 * 1.57 * 1.57in

Package List:
1 * S20R-MWLNR08 Lathe Turning Tool
10 * WNMG0804 Blade
2 * Spanner

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