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It is a high performance InGaP HBT MMIC amplifier utilizing a Darlington configuration with an active bias network. The active bias network provides stable current over temperature and process Beta variations. Designed to run directly from a 5V supply, the SBB5089 does not require a dropping resistor as compared to typical Darlington amplifiers. The SBB5089 product is designed for high linearity 5V gain block applications that require small size and minimal external components. It is internally matched to 50Ω.

Wideband flat gain to 4GHz: ±1.1dB.
P1dB=20.4dBm at 1950MHz.
Single fixed 5V supply.
Robust 1000V ESD, Class 1C.
Fine thermal design and bias circuit.
Low thermal resistance.
Applications: PA driver amplifier, cellular, PCS, GSM, UMTS, wideband instrumentation, wireless data, satellite terminals.

Material: PCB
Main color: green
Working voltage: 5V
Frequency range: 50MHz-6000MHz
Typical gain: 20dB @ 1000MHz
NF: 4.2dB
P1dB: +20.4dB
IP3: 38dBm
Maximum input power: +23dB
Input impedance: 50 ohms
Module related applications: weak RF signal amplifier, RF power amplifier pre-amplifier
Item size: 49 * 25 * 6.5mm / 1.9 * 1.0 * 0.3in
Item weight: 6g / 0.2ounce
Package size: 51 * 29 * 7mm / 2.0 * 1.1 * 0.3in
Package weight: 6.5g / 0.2ounce

Packing List:
1 * RF Amplifier Board

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