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This headrest bracket can be installed on the car seats, and can provide nice entertainment for passengers during self driving. It is easy to install, stable, not easy to fall down and preventing bumps. It is suitable for various models and electronic equipment.

It can rotate 360 ° arbitrary rotation.
Firmly fixed, no shaking, no abnormal sound, easy to install.
Three stage design, each part is closely connected to provide strong stability for the equipment, not easy to bump.
Clasp design provides nice grip and stable installation.
Environmental protections silicone, complete fit, no mark, no falling off.
Press type design, width can be adjusted according to different models, easy to install.
EVA environmental protections material is adopted at the clip, which does not damage the equipment.
Compatible with 4-inch to 11-inch mobile phone and tablets devices.
Large clip left and right reserved hole, do not block the data cable, headphone cable, power on press and other buttons.
The upgraded bracket is foldable.

Type: classic black, classic red, updated version black, updated version red (optional)
Material: plastics
Item size: 108 * 68 * 105mm / 4.3 * 2.7 * 4.1in
Item weight: 138g / 4.9ounce
Package size: 195 * 98 * 54mm / 7.7 * 3.9 * 2.1in
Package weight: 176g / 6.2ounce

Packing List:
1 * Rear Headrest Bracket

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