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Easy to Operation: Double-pinion design ensures a smooth and flexible operation without no stuck. Less effort is needed when operating, with the two pinions, this tool had bi-directional rotation ability.
Remarkable Safety Performance: With correct installment, the chuck would be firmly attached to the shaft and the precision jaw tightly holds the bit during operation. Together accidental breaks of bits are avoided and a sure safety is guaranteed.
Wide Range of Applications: This hand drill is applicable in various materials like wood, bamboo, brass, aluminum, plastic, PVC, acrylic, fiber glass board, circuit board, etc.
Easy Installation: The installation of the chuck and bits involves only acts of twist and screw. A cleverly designed chuck key is provided to help you elegantly rotate the upper part of the chuck to change bits.
Accessories Complete: A set of bit of different sizes are included for various needs.

Color: Orange
Material: Plastic
Style: 1/4-Inch,3/8-Inch
Item Size: 310mm
Weight: 750g

Packing List:
1×Hand drill
1×Chuck keys
8×Drills Head


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