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You can use this hand held metal detector to detect the existence of small metal objects. This metal detector is a nice helper in the process of body search for offensive objects in crowd control, airport and border security, checking parcels for metal objects and anywhere that hiddened metal needs to be detected. Also used for searching coins, relics, jewelry, golden and silvery everywhere, which can remind you the presence of the metal object and inform you of the location of it with sound and vibrations alarm.

Detect the metal objects at airports, railway stations, wharfs, customs and frontier defense for security inspection.
Provide precise security inspection of metal with adjustable sensitivity.
Three color of indicators, green light for power, yellow light for low batterys, red light for metal detection alarm.
Easy to operate with 2 alternative alert ways of audio signal indicator and vibrators indication.
Handheld & light-weight and easy to carry around with a wrist strap.
Rechargeable batterys socket for charging the product after installing rechargeable batterys.
Widely used for safety check and detection of prohibited goods, electronic products, metal objects in railway station, frontier defense, school, court and factory.

Color: Dark Grey
Material: ABS Plastic
Alarm Indication:
Yellow LEDs Light: Metal target has been detected   
Flashing Green LEDs Light: Power on
Flashing Red LEDs Light: Low voltage indicator
Alarm Signal:
Sound Mode: Buzzer and red LEDs
Vibration-Mode: Vibrations and red LEDs
Detect Objects: Metal(handgun, dagger, steel ball, coins)
Frequency: 22KHz
Power Consumption: 270MW Max.
Standby Current: <8MA
Reset Time: 0.5 seconds, Automatically
Detecting Distance: 
Pin, Iron Nail: 30-60mm / 1.18-2.36inch
Coins: 75-100mm / 2.95-3.94inch
Handgun: 160-180mm / 6.30-7.09inch
Six inch Dagger: 160-170mm / 6.30-6.69inch
20mm Steel Ball: 20-30mm / 0.79-1.18inch
Operating Voltage: 9V
Batterys: 1 * 6F22 9V Batterys (Not Included) 
Operating Temperature: -10℃ to +65℃
Package Size: 380*80*38mm/14.96*3.15*1.50in
Package Weight: 250g/8.82oz

Packing List:
1*Metal Detector
1*English User Manual

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