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This tool is can be send to your family member, lover or friends as an gift, with this product, you no longer need to worry about the cleaning problems of your car. You can use it to makes your car more cleaning, it is easy to use, come on and try it.

With this product, you can cleaning garbage like hair, scraps, paper scraps, snack scraps and so on, which can give you a cleaning environment of your car.
It is can be used to cleaning the wet garbage and dry refuse, with the big suction, give your car an in-depth cleaning.
With 4.5m long line, you can use it to cleaning the whole car easily, do not need to worry about the cleaning of the back half of the car.
With one-button separation dust collecting cup, it can easily take out the garbage after cleaning, you do not need to touching the garbage.
With powerful strainer, it can keep the bigg sucking power when using and it is reusable, you do not need to change it often.
With the small brush for you to cleaning the soft or flexible surface, such as the bottom of a car mat, or an air conditioning outlet. Long flat suction nozzle can be right into the interval, absorb the car at the dead corner of the garbage, extension hose can be combined to use, can reach the difficult to touching the place.

Material: pp
Main color: yellow
Power: 60W
Input: 12-V Direct Current power
Power-supply mode: auto lighting plug
Package size: 250 * 225 * 225mm / 9.8 * 8.9 * 8.9in
Package weight: 1050g / 2.3lb

Packing list:
1 * Vacuum Cleaner
3 * Nozzle
1 * Hose
1 * Brush

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