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Handy self priming drill pump perfect for irrigation, fish tank water changing, watering, oil transfer, etc.

HANDY DRILL PUMP: Large flow, stable performance and high efficiency over a small distance.
EFFICIENT WORK: Fast pumping speed, it can easily handle 20-40L water per minute(which depends on the rpm of drill).
HEX SHAFT: Fits all the drill chucks, it can attach to any household drill with a tight seal for maximum efficiency.
EMERGENCY PUMP: Extremely compact and lightweight, keep it on the boat as a back-up bilge pump or your car as an emergency pump.
BUILT TO LAST: Made of engineering plastics, which is solid and durable and feature long service life.
VERSATILE USE: Works well for both small to medium-sized projects from water tanks for aquatic pets to taking down your water bed.

*MUST refer to the user manual for safe operation.
*DO NOT run pump in reverse. Pay attention to the direction of the suction.
*NEVER operate the unit while standing in water or allow power cord to drop into water. Always stand on dry ground and keep all electrical cords dry.
*DO NOT use it to transfer any flammable or corrosive fluids.

Recommended Drill Speed
Power                        RPM                Outflow
120W-350W        1500-2500            20-30L/min
350W-650W        2500-3500            30-40L/min

Material: Engineering Plastic
Color: Black
Type: Single-inlet
Working Temperature: 5℃~49℃
Inner Diameter of Inlet/Outlet: 19mm (3/4")
Suitable Hose Size: 3/4 inch 
Item Size: 12.8*7*6.5cm / 5.03*2.75*2.55in
Item Weight: 155g / 5.46oz
Package Size: 13*7*8cm / 5.11*2.75*3.14in
Package Weight: 218g / 7.68oz

Packing List:
1 * Drill Pump
2 * Mount
2 * Screw
2 * Hose Clamp
1 * User Manual

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