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This washable belly band is designed for male dogs to avoid accidents of turning messes. If your male dog often does spot marking or always have incontinence issues at home, this washable male dog diaper can efficiently work. It is definitely a good choice for your furry baby and will make you,and your pet happy.

ELASTIC BELLY BAND: The elastic band features humanized design, it enables to perfectly fit your dogs' body so that dogs will feel more comfortable when wearing it.
BREATHABLE FABRIC: Made of polyester material, this pant is soft, breathable, skin-friend and harmless to dogs. Soft inner fabric makes them more comfortable, so dogs are more likely to accept wearing them.
WASHABLE: Premium quality fabric make it a durable item and it will last through many washing.
ABSORBENT MESH CLOTH INNER: Super absorbent mesh cloth with a good touch can efficiently solve your dogs embarrassing issues, which makes it easy to rinse, wash and quick dry.
ADJUSTABLE FASTENER: allows for a wide range of sizes and provides the ease of putting on and taking off.
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Item Name: Pet Dog Physical Pants
Item Model: DM30088
Color: Blue
Main Material: Polyester & Mesh
Optional size:
XS: Clothes Width: 10cm; Waist Circumference: 30-36cm; Weight: 17g
S: Clothes Width: 14cm; Waist circumference: 36-46cm; Weight: 24g
M: Clothes Width: 19cm; Waist circumference: 46-56cm; Weight: 36g
L: Clothes Width: 23cm; Waist circumference: 56-66cm; Weight: 55g
XL: Clothes Width: 30cm; Waist circumference: 66-80cm; Weight: 66g

Package Size:
XS: 17 * 13 * 0.4cm; S: 21 * 15 * 0.3cm; M: 20 * 13 * 0.4cm; L: 24 * 15 * 0.3cm; XL: 30 * 24 * 0.3cm
Poly bag package.

There could be a few deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding.
* Please measure your dog's waist right in front of the back legs to ensure a good fit.

Package List:
1 * Dog Physical Pants

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