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Dent Repairing Expert: Using the uniques arched bridge design the dent lifter is ergonomic,the dent lifter can adjust the tabs to better fit the dents,the Repairing is efficient and labor saving.
Saving Time and Cost: The adjustabe dent lifter is an effective dent Repairing tool. It can remove dents by yourself,no need spend time and mony to the 4S store.
Dent lifter won't damage the car structure. Different size gasket are made of rubber and soft,suitable for Repairinging different size dents,will not hurt your car's paint.
The dent lifter is an effective dent Repairing tool,can be used to Repairing surface dents such as cars, refrigerators, motorcycle bodies, washing machines, etc.
Stable Briage constucture with practical stainless steel,sturdy and longevity.

Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic
Package size: 230 * 160 * 130mm / 9.1 * 6.3 * 5.1in
Package weight: 1520g / 3.4lb

Packing List:
1 * set of Pulling Bridge
5 * Blue Glue Tabs
10 * Purple Glue Tabs
10 * Black Glue Tabs
1 * T-bar Hammer
1 * Glue Machine
1 * Dent Lifter
2 * White Tap Down Pen
1 * set of Tap Down Pen
1 * Shovel
1 * Watering Can
1 * Hammer
5 * Yellow Glue Stick
5 * Black Glue Stick

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