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This network cable tester can measure the cable length and the breakpoint. It is a necessary testing tool for telecommunication engineering, wiring engineering and network maintenance person.

Measure network cable length and determine the distance of open circuit, jumper wire, reverse connection.
LCD display with backlight for easy reading in low light conditions.
Includes 1pcs remote adapter, high working efficiency.
Network wire checking function to judge normal/short-circuit/open-circuit.  
Easy and fast to locate the breakpoint without opening the wire's cover.
Low battery indication and auto power off function.
With 3 main functions of wire hunting, wire souring, and circuit status testing.
Comes With Earphone: great for using in noisy environment or private search in crowded places to avoid interference.
Wide Application: necessary testing tool for telecommunication engineering, internet bar, network maintenance, etc.

Material: ABS
Display: LCD
Cable Types: STP/UTP 5E, 6E network cable, telephone cable, coaxial cable, USB cable.
Tester Port: Tester RJ45 master port(M), tester LOOPBACK RJ45 port(L), RJ45 Scan(RJ45 cable tracing), Remote identifier: RJ45 port(R); The extra BNC and RJ11 converters are used to measure and check the continuity of coaxial cable and telephone line.
Range: 1~1000m
Calibration precision: 3%(±0.5m or ±1.5feet); (calibration cable>10m)
Measurement Precision: 5%(±0.5m or ±1.5feet); (AMP, AT & T Class 5 cable)
Display Unit: Meter and Foot
Working Temperature: -10~+60℃
Working Humidity: 20%~70%
Battery(Not Included): Emitter: 1 * 6F22/9V battery, Receiver: 1 * 6F22/9V battery
Emitter Size: Approx. 17.5 * 8 * 4.3cm / 6.89 * 3.15 * 1.69in
Receiver Size: Approx. 21.8 * 4.6 * 2.9cm / 8.58 * 1.81 * 1.14in
Adapter Size: Approx. 8.6 * 3.4 * 2.6cm / 3.39 * 1.34 * 1.02in
Emitter Weight: Approx. 223g / 7.88oz  
Receiver Weight: Approx. 92g / 2.3.25oz
Adapter Weight: Approx. 34g / 1.22oz
Package Weight: Approx. 562g / 19.84oz
Package Size: Approx. 27.2 * 13.5 * 8.2cm / 10.7 * 7.9 * 3.7in

Package List:
1 * Emitter
1 * Receiver
1 * RJ11 Cable
1 * RJ45 Cable
1 * Crocodile Clip Test Line
1 * Remote Adapter
1 * Pair of Earphone
1 * Carry Bag
1 * User Manual (English)

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