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The wall detector can detect metals(magnetic and non-magnetic), wood and live cables hidden in walls, ceilings and floors (the wall, ceilings and floors refers to concrete, tiles and boards.)

4 Depth Range Class: automatic material classification classifies magnetic metal(8cm), non-magnetic metal(5cm), AC cable(5cm), and wood(2cm) for accurately location.
Big Sensor: adopts with high sensitivity sensor to improve the detecting accuracy.
Dual Alarms: indicator light change to red and buzzer sounds up once detecting metals.
3 Indicators Lights: according to the strength of the detected metal, the indicator light changes among red(strong metal signal), green(no metal) and orange(weak metal signal).
Large Display Screen: 2.2-inch large LCD screen with backlight display the measured data clearly and intuitively.
IP65 Protective Grade: protect the detector from dusty environment, suitable for various working conditions. 
Fluff Pad Design: 2pcs fluff pads increase the flatness of the detector thus enhance the stability during detecting.

Material: ABS
Display: 2.2" LCD screen with backlight
Depth Range:
  Magnetic metal: 8cm
  Non-magnetic metal: 5cm
  AC cable: 5cm
  Wood: 2cm
Units: cm/in
Non-metal Detection: Yes
Metal Detection: φ20mm standard steel bar depth value is the most accurate; other metal depth values are for reference
Live Detection: 50/60Hz AC
With Magnetic Detection: Yes
Auto Backlight Shut-off: 10s
Working Temperature: 0~50℃
Storage Temperature: -20~70℃
Protection Class: IP65
Sound Source: Buzzer
Power Supply: 3 * 1.5V AAA battery (NOT included)
Item Size: 149 * 70 * 30mm / 5.87 * 2.76 * 1.18in
Item Weight: 150g / 5.29oz
Package Weight: 299g / 10.55oz
Package Size: 24 * 15 * 5cm / 9.45 * 5.91 * 1.96in

Packing List:
1 * Stud Finder

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