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This product is a programmable watch, the main purpose is to learn programming. You can update the program, make different interesting functions by yourself. Come n and try it, you will love it.

T-Watch-2020 is a programmable, wearable, and interactive development device.
High definition capacitive touching screen, personalized interface can be programmed and ultra-thin volume new texture.
2.5D arc edge process and anti-scratch ips screen. Integrated precision machining,aluminum-magnesium alloy body, hardness than ordinary materials.
Programmable watch, can be programming with popular programming languages such as Arduino, Scratch, Micropython, Pictoblox, etc. You can write your own watch application.
Multipurpose use: iot introductory learning, make creative products, intelligent control of home equipment, iot agricultural applications, remote data collection and monitoring and wearable smart device.
Vibration motor, speaker, infrared signal sensor.

Material: alloy
Color: black, white(optional)
Display: 1.54 inch LCD capacitive touching screen
Main chip: ESP32
Screen model: ST7789V
PMU power management: AXP202
Touching screen chip: FT6236U
Triaxial accelerometer: BMA423
RTC clock module: PCF8563
Flash: 16MB
Memory: 520KiB SRAM
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi: 802.11 B/G/N
BT: V4.2 BR/EDR and BLE
Charging method: micro USB/5V
Working voltage: 3.3V
CPU: Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 micro processor, operating frequency is 240MHz, up to 600 DMIPS ultra-low power consumption(ULP) coprocessor
Chipset: ESP32, dual-core MCU, PMU power management
Flash: QSPI flash 16MB
Button: power key
USB to TTL: CP2104
On-board clock: 40MHz crystal oscillator
Working voltage: 2.7V~3.6V
Working temperature range: -40℃~+85℃
Sensor: BMA423 three-axis accelerometer, built-in step counting algorithm, activity recognition / tracking, advanced gesture recognition.
RTC clock: PCF8563
Battery model: LQ-S1
Screen resolution: 240 * 240

Power Supply Specifications:
Power supply: Micro USB (5V/1A)
Charging current: the charging current is programmable and self-adjustable(default 350mA)
Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 3.7V, 350mAh

Wi-Fi Specifications:
Protocol: 802.11 b/g/n(802.11n,speed up to150Mbps)A-MPDU and A-MSDU polymerization, support 0.4μS Protection interval
Frequency range: 2.4GHz~2.5GHz(2400M~2483.5M)
Transmit power: 22dBm
Communication distance: 300m

Bluetooth Specifications:
Protocol: meet bluetooth v4.2BR/EDR and BLE standard
Radio frequency: with -97dBm sensitivity NZIF receiver Class-1,Class-2&Class-3 emitter AFH
Audio frequency: CVSD&SBC audio frequency

Software specifications:
Wi-Fi mode: station/softAP/softAP+Station/P2P
Security mechanism: WPA/WPA2/WPA2-Enterprise/WPS
Encryption type: AES/RSA/ECC/SHA
Firmware upgrade: UART download/OTA(Through network/host to download and write firmware)
Software development: support cloud server development /SDK for user firmware development
Networking protocol: IPv4、IPv6、SSL、TCP/UDP/HTTP/FTP/MQTT
User configuration: AT + Instruction set, cloud server, android/iOS app
Package size: 100 * 75 * 25mm / 3.9 * 3.0 * 1.0in
Package weight:  89g / 3.1ounce

Packing List: (optional)
Type 1:
1 * T-Watch-2020 Black
1 * Micro USB Charging Cable
Type 2:
1 * T-Watch-2020 White
1 * Micro USB Charging Cable

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