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6-hole loose-leaf hole punch, suitable for binding 20/26/30-hole loose-leaf notebooks, hand accounts, etc.
Punches up to 5 Sheet(80 gsm) with 6mm diameter holes and 9.5mm hole spacing.
DIY creative punching, you can customize the number of punching after mastering the usage method.
Positioning posts and rulers are provided on both sides of the hole puncher, making it easy to determine the location of the hole punch.
All-metal paint body, sturdy and durable. Flip-open plastic tray can collect paper scraps, non-slip, and protect the desktop.

Brand: KW-trio
Material: Metal + ABS
Color: Blue/ Green/ White/ Pink(optional)
Quantity of Hole: 6
Hole Diameter: 6mm
Feed Depth: 7mm
Sheet Capacity: 5 Sheet
Item Size: 11.8 * 5.6 * 5.8cm/ 4.6 * 2.2 * 2.3in
Item Weight: 170g/ 6.0oz
Package Size: 7.7 * 5.7 * 3.75/ 3.0 * 2.2 * 1.5in
Package Weight: 200g/ 7.1oz

Packing List:
1 * Puncher

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