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  •  This computer case is designed with right angle elements under the premise of ensuring beauty, craftsmanship and quality.
  •  In order to maintain the simplicity of the product, the C2's top cover and double side panels are not designed with any venting holes, and the venting holes are hidden to the bottom of the chassis. The fixing method of the top cover and the USB interface adopts the no screw surface screwing process.
  • It can support ATX power, 3.5 and 2.5-inch hard drive, full-height dual-slot independent graphics card, all ITX motherboards, even MATX motherboards within 245*215mm.
  • For C2 and the same kind of other products, the most obvious difference is that active cooling fan space is added with the appearance and volume hardly being affected for C2. 
  • The cooling holes hidden in the bottom of the chassis can support a 12cm or 14cm fan. The length of the graphics card is also supported to 210mm.

Model: C2
Color: Black/White/Grey(Optional)
Material: Top Plate:1.5mm Aluminum Alloy
                HDD Bracket Structure:1.0mm
                Other Structure:1.2mm
Supported Motherboard Type: ITX/Micro-ATX(within 245*215mm)
HDD Support: 170*170mm motherboard Installation: HDD is 2*3.5, 2*2.5,when the bottom is equipped with a 12 or 14cm fan,HDD is 1*3.5, 1*2.5)
 245*215mm motherboard Installation:HDD is 1*3.5 or 1*2.5
Cooling system: 1*120/140mm (non-standard configuration)
Supported CPU Cooler Height: Below 80mm
Supported Graphics Card Length: within 210mm
Front Interface: USB3.0*1,USB2.0*1,Audio*1,MIC*1
Power Supply: PSII (ATX)
PCI Expansion Slot: 3
Item Size: 20*22.4*27cm/7.9*8.8*10.6in
Item Weight: 1200g/42.3oz
Package Size: 33*30*30cm/13*11.8*11.8in
Package Weight: 1600g/56.4oz

Package List:
1*Computer Case
1*User Manual
A Bag of Screws

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