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This is a kind of multifunctional air quality detector, supports NB-IOT, RF communication mode, which can detect PM2.5, CO2, TVOC,  formaldehyde, temperature and humidity are transmitted to the purifier or air ventilation recycle systems through FR. The air ventilation recycle system will automatical control according to the detected data.

Compact in size, lightweight and portable, easy to take out and carry around with you.
Adopts most high accuracy infrared sensor, with sensitive respond and accurate measurement data.
Real-time detection, automatic refresh data, with multi-use.
RF connection button: Long press it to configure the network, connect the device to the Internet, press twice for disconnect.
Digital color LCD display to shows the PM2.5 concentration value, TVOC concentration value, CO2 concentration value, formaldehyde concentration value, real-time temperature and humidity, RF, power, alarm on/off reminder, year, month, day, time, etc..
Uses professional electrochemical sensing module, high accuracy, stable performance, antijamming ability, low consumption and can provides long service time.
Press the power button, the switch button and the RF button at the same time for 5 seconds, it will switch to English interface.
Hundreds air vents on the outshell, not only speed up the convection between air and machine to get effective detection but also provides fine heat radiation effect.

Name: Air Quality Detector 
Material: ABS
Battery: 1 * 5V, 2600mAh rechargeable battery (included)
Input voltage: 5V±0.2V
Power: 7.5W
Charge current: 1A
Operation time: 8 hours
PM2.5 measuring-range: 0-999μg/m3, ±10%
CO2 measuring-range: 0-9000ppm, ±10%
TVOC measuring-range: 0.224-9.999mg/m3, ±0.1mg/m3
Formaldehyde measuring-range: 0.224-9.999mg/m3, ±0.1mg/m3
Temperature measuring-range: -20℃ to 80℃, ±1℃
Humidity measuring-range: 0-99.9%RH, ±5%
Working temperature: 5-45℃
Store temperature: 5-30℃
Item size: 110 * 50 * 90mm / 4.33 * 1.97 * 3.15in
Item weight: 225g / 7.94ounce
Package size: 150 * 100 * 50mm / 5.91 * 3.94 * 1.97in
Package weight: 270g / 9.52ounce

Packing List:
1 * Air Quality Detector
1 * USB Cable
1 * Guideline

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