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*Multi-functional cooking pot: Fry, Bake, Grill, Roast, Toast, anything can cook in the oven and air fryer.
*12 Pre-set cooking program for: Frozen chips; Fresh French Fries;  Fresh chicken; Cake; Seafood; Hamburger, Pizza; Steak; Frozen nuggets; Cookies; Defrost.
*Ceramic Oil filter cools oil smoke to keep the kitchen clean and fresh.
* Metal cavity and detachable non-stick coating pot. It's easy to clean, healthy and no smell.
*60-200°C adjustable cooking temperature; 0-60min adjustable cooking time, with bell ring.
*Transparent window for visible cooking.
* With safety switch, Auto shut-off function, Overheat protection.

Model: AO-1800.63.1D
Rated Power: 1800W
Temperature Control: 60-200℃
Time Adjustment: 0-60min.
Cooking pot Capacity: 5.0L
Oven Capacity: 12.0L
Size: Approx. 40*36*45cm / 15.75*14.17*17.72in
Weight: Approx. 7500g / 264.55oz

Package List:
1*Air oven
1*Baking tray
1*Roasting racks
1*Stirring blade
1*Oven mitt
1*Bird roaster
1*deep frying pan

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