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Perfect for Rave Festivals, Halloween, Carnivals, Masquerades, Costume Parties, Dancing, Night Parties, Glow Runs, Motocycle Cycling, Snowboarding, Gifts.
EL light-emitting strip, high brightness, low power consumption, long luminescence time, up to 8000-12000 hours.
The light is soft, uniform and stable. Look straight to the light source is not dazzling; anti humidity.
Light weight and breathable, made from safe materials.
Thread gluing design, comfortable and convenient to wear.
Ear and neck protection, suitable for keeping warm in winter.

Material: plastic
Type: F2,F5,F6,F7,F10(optional)
Color: black
Size: 53X24cm
Pakage size: 20*14*8cm
Package weight: 120g

Package list:
1 x Halloween Mask


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