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Combo Bristles are hard on dirt and grass but easy on clubs. Nylon Bristles for cleaning driver and fairway woods/hybrids. Wire bristles for quick and efficient cleaning of irons on the fairway.
Groove Cleaning Spike with safety cap – Sharp pick for stubborn dirt and grime in grooves, removes the most stubborn debris from grooves. Can also be used for cleaning golf shoe.
Ergonomic Design – Retractable 2ft snap back cord and ergonomic comfort fit handle makes cleaning quick and easy.
Convenient Access: The retractable carabiner/clip makes it easy to attach to your golf bag for blazing fast access. This retractable system allow it to clip on to almost anything.
Friendly Services: We're SO confident that you'll love this golf brush.If you have other queation please connect us in time,we will give you satisfactory reply.

Color: Red
Material: plastic,nylon,aluminum
Weight: 67g

Packing List:
1×Clean Brush

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