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When fiber docked, the space of 2 surface of fiber is nearly zero, thus the connector loss is less than 0.3db in the one hand, the reliablility of fiber decide the fine estalilization in the other hand.

Insert loss less than 0.3dB.
Metal V-shape cavity work well in high and low temperature
Installation less than 1 minutes.
Reliable and superior optical performance.
Cable tensile test complies with telcordia GR-326-COR.

Cable diameter: 0.9mm, 2mm, 3mm
Insert loss: ≤0.3dB
Return loss: ≥50dB
Applicable for: 0.9mm tight buffer fiber, 2.0mm, 3.0mm drop cable
Package size: 170 * 110 * 85mm / 6.7 * 4.3 * 3.3in
Package weight: 530g / 1.2lb

Packing List:
100 * Fiber Optic Connector

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