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It is a diaper for your female puppy with no-sense leakage to reduce your care work. This diaper is very suitable for daily wear, especially when your female dog is in menstruation. It is conductive to take good care your dog and prevent contaminant from entering its body and then causes disease, keeping your room clean and tidy.

REDUCE YOUR CARE WORK: Mesh inner is sewn in diapers to prevent affection to carpets, cushioned chairs and sofas, which reduces your care work.
CONVENIENT FASTENER: Fastener design for saving a lot of trouble when put on and take off so that less discomfort will come to your furry baby during the wearing process.
ELASTIC BAND: Elastic bands on the front and the tail hole can be adjusted according to your dog’s circumferences, while the delicate edges will not hurt your dog so that your dog will not feel the presence of pant.
BREATHABLE MIXED COTTON: The material of this pant is mixed cotton, which is very soft and breathable, which makes your plush friends feel comfortable.
TAIL HOLE DESIGN: It allows the dog to reveal the tail and shake the tail freely.
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Item Name: Dog Physiological Pants
Item Model: DM90026
Color: Pink
Main Material: Mixed Cotton
Optional size:
XS: Waist Circumference: 20-25cm; Weight: 19g
S: Waist Circumference: 25-30cm; Weight: 27g
M: Waist Circumference: 30-45cm; Weight: 35g
L: Waist Circumference: 45-60cm; Weight: 54g
XL: Waist Circumference: 60-80cm; Weight: 68g

Package Size:
XS: 11* 10 * 1cm; S: 15 * 11 * 0.5cm; M: 16 * 14 * 0.8cm; L: 25 * 19 * 0.5cm; XL: 28 * 23 * 0.5cm

There could be a few deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Package List:
1 * Dog Physiological Pant

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