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Note: If you need communicate with others, you need to buy two or more units.

The BT system that allows the max. call distance between two riders up to 1200m and actually realizes the fully duplex wireless communication among 4 riders at the same tme. 

* BT 3.0. Master control BT CSR BC5 scheme available. Advanced A2DP & EDR BT function available.
* Automatic and safe receiving of mobile phone calls. Intercom Distance up to 1200m in open area​.
* Strong stereo music/audio available (mobile phone/MP3/GPS with A2DP for transmission).
* Working speed above 120km/h. DSP noise reduction function.
* Inbuilt polymer lithium battery with high capacity up to 850mAh.
* Charging time around 3h. Continuous call or music playing above 12h. Long standby time up to 480h.
* National IP65 waterproof standard.
* With FM Radio.

Brand Name: EJEAS
Model: FBIM
BT Version: 3.0 
Charging Time: 3h
Talk: 12h
Standby: 480h 
Working Voltage: 3.7V 
Max. Distance: 1200m 
Battery: Lithium-ion 850mAh 
Working Temperature: -20-60℃
Package Size: 16 * 10 * 5cm / 6.3 * 3.9 * 1.97in
Package Weight: 201g / 7.1oz

Package List:
1 * Arm Band
1 * Intercom
1 * Headset
1 * Charging Cable
1 * Gift Box
1 * User Manual (English)

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