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SATA3.0 interface is adopted, and the theoretical transmission rate up to 6Gbp/s. The reading speed up to 470MB/s, and the writing speed up to 370MB/s, fast transmission speed brings pleasant use experience.
Adopt powerful and stable main control chip, select original granule, static storage, low power consumption, brings longer service life.
Metal fuselage, has low heat and good heat dissipation. Low noise design, ensures a quiet working environment.
Adopt the oxidation fog surface effect, through seven meticulous processes of die-casting, roughing, fine casting, vitrification, cleaning, drying and baking paint, to ensure the high-speed transmission, high responsiveness, multitasking capability and smooth operation.
Adopt CMOS process, features no mechanical moving parts to reduce the possibility of data damage and ensure its durability.
It weighs about 36g, about 6.8mm thin, compact and light, more convenient to use.

Brand: EAGET
Model: E300
Type: 2.5 inch SSD
Color: Blue
Capacity: 120GB/240GB/480GB/960GB(optional)
Interface: SATA 3.0
Reading speed: 470MB/s(maximum)
Writing speed: 370MB/s(maximum)
Support systems: Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Mac OS 8.6, Linux 2.4 or later
Applications: Store backup files, movies, music, pictures, software, data, files, etc
Item size: 10 * 6.98 * 0.68cm /3.94 * 2.75 * 0.27in(L * W * H)
Item weight: Approx.36g /1.27oz

Packing list:
1 * EAGET E300 SSD

Warm Tips:
The difference of capacity calculation formula between OS identification and storage device manufacturer is caused by formatting. Storage manufacturer calculates according to 1GB = 1000MB, computer calculates according to 1GB = 1024MB, so the display capacity under the operating system is about 0.93 times, normal range!                           

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