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Food Dispenser Toy: You can put some food in it. As the dog chews and moves the toy, the snack will leak out from the hole. There are different diameters of holes, support a variety of specifications of dog food.
Made of food-grade material, wear-resistant, safe and harmless.
This product can be used by both dogs and cats. In addition to dog food, it can also be put in bells or luminous balls to attract the interest of cats.
The dog treat toy makes your pets pass the boring time without being lonely, reduces destructive behavior. Frisbee games enhance interaction with dogs and improve interests, it will increase emotion with your pet.
Suitable for all kinds of small, medium, and large dogs, and for dogs of any age.

Item name: Dog flying disc
Material: PC+PA+GF
Color(optional): Blue/Yellow
Product weight: 148g
Product size: 164*112mm

Package information:
Package weight: 195g
Package size: 17.6*17.6*12.8cm
Package list: 1*Dog flying disc

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