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Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, wide application range, has a long service life.

Torque and angle modes two in one.
Torque and angle modes provide the most accurate and fastest way to achieve plus angle.
10 sets of torque presets, easy to debug different bolts.
Read the torque directly on the digital torque wrench.
High accuracy, convenient and easy to use.
Storage box can better protect and store.
When used with a ratchet wrench, it can be turned into an angle and torque wrench.
The clear buzzer and three LED lights alarm at the same time to indicate that the operation reaches the preset value.
Three torque units conversion: N.m, kg.m, lb-ft.
Power saving mode: when not in use, it will automatically go to sleep after 60 seconds.
Peak mode and tracking mode.

Material: ABS+steel
Main color: black+silver
Type: AG2-030AN, AG3-100AN, AG4-200AN, AG4-340AN (optional)
Accuracy: 2%
Memory: 10
Resolution: 0.1N.m or 1°
Display range:
AG2-030AN: 0.3-30N.m
AG3-100AN: 1-100N.m
AG4-200AN: 2-200N.m
AG4-340AN: 3.4-340N.m
Alarm range:
AG2-030AN: 1.5-30N.m
AG3-100AN: 5-100N.m
AG4-200AN: 10-200N.m
AG4-340AN: 17-340N.m
Accuracy guarantee range:
AG2-030AN: 6-30N.m
AG3-100AN: 20-100N.m
AG4-200AN: 40-200N.m
AG4-340AN: 68-340N.m
Drive heads:
AG2-030AN: 1/4"
AG3-100AN: 3/8"
AG4-200AN: 1/2"
AG4-340AN: 1/2"
Model: peak / track
Units: N.m / Kg.m / lb-ft
Battery: 2 * AA battery (not included)
Operating temperature: -10~60℃
Storage temperature: -20~60℃
Relative humidity: 15~90%
Auto power-off: 60s
Torque adapter size: 101 * 101 * 79mm / 4.0 * 4.0 * 3.1in
Item weight:
AG2-030AN: 240g / 8.5ounce
AG3-100AN: 240g / 8.5ounce
AG4-200AN: 290g / 10.2ounce
AG4-340AN: 290g / 10.2ounce
Package size: 140 * 140 * 90mm / 5.5 * 5.5 * 3.5in
Package weight:
AG2-030AN: 420g / 0.9lb
AG3-100AN: 420g / 0.9lb
AG4-200AN: 480g / 1.1lb
AG4-340AN: 480g / 1.1lb

Packing List:
1 * Angle Torque Adapter
1 * Storage Box
1 * User Manual

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