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Funny cat toys belong to the little world of cats.

We hope to create a small world where there is an outlet for emotional catharsis to soothe the cat's inner restlessness and anxiety when the cat is excited, anxious, or lonely.

Product Features:
Like cats, cat toys have both an interesting soul and a good-looking skin.

By setting different game difficulty, interact with cats, so that cats will not get tired of playing for a long time, and they will always feel fresh.

Bottom storage design: Say goodbye to the mess, reserve storage space at the bottom, which can accommodate obstacle boards, neat and convenient.

How to play ?

  1. Obstacle maze mode: Put small snacks or toys between the obstacle boards, cover the top cover, and take out the "prey" with the cat's extraordinary wisdom.
  2. Crazy trackball mode: The toy bottom plate is designed for double-sided use, and one side is a hole-hole board mode One side is the trackball mode, which meets the diverse needs of cats.
  3. Simulated hunting mode: A hook is reserved inside the toy top cover, which can be hung between the palms of various toys, showing the true nature of the hunter.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: PP, TPE
  • Color: pink purple, blue-gray, avocado green
  • Features: Various ways to play
  • Packing: single pack
  • Product size: 215*169*125mm
  • Packing size: 230*185*140mm
  • Product weight (including packaging): 500g
  • Applicable object: cat

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