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This CO2 detector is suitable for greenhouse, warehouse, home and other scenes of indoor detection, high-accuracy, high-definition large screen display data, with alarm function, practical and safe.

The small and light weight CO2 detector is easy to carry. 
Led high-definition large screen, convenient reading, quick and practical.
Non-slip base design, stable and not easy to fall.
Silent design, don't worry about loud noise annoyance.
We will comprehensively test PM2.5, smog, formaldehyde and other harmful particles.
Monitoring the whole house, leaving no dead ends.
It will automatically switch to display the monitoring value of each item in about 5 seconds. You can also switch by pressing the LED.

Power: 5V 2A
Working environment: -20~50°C
PM2.5 measurement range: 0~400ug/m3, resolution: 1ug/m3
CO2 measurement range: 0~2000PPM, resolution: 1PPM
VOC measurement range: 0~750ug/m3, resolution: 1ug/m3
Temperature measurement range: -20-60°C
Humidity measurement range: 10-100%RH
Item size: 118 * 70 * 70mm / 4.6 * 2.8 * 2.8in
Item weight: 100g / 3.5ounce
Package size: 270 * 133 * 89mm / 10.6 * 5.2 * 3.5in
Package weight: 530g / 1.2lb

1. Automatic switch and manual switch are adopted for parameter display.
When automatic switching, the interval is 10 seconds. If you need to manually switch, you can touchs the display screen at any position to switch the display data.
2. Automatic screen-closing and wake-up function of the display screen: the display screen will close automatically after working for 180 seconds and without any manual operation. If you want to wake up the display, you can touchs the display screen at any position.
3. During the use of the monitor, the packaging equipment is powered on continuously. The equipment needs to be recalibrated after a long time of power failure.
4. When PM2.5, CO2 and VOC exceed the limit, the parameters will flicker
5. During the use of the monitor, fine ventilation should be ensured around the monitor and it should not be put in the sun.
6. The monitor should not be used in the environment with high dust density.
7. The monitor should not be used in environments with viscous particles such as oil and gases.

Attention for VOC Monitoring:
1. VOC measurement requires constant electrical use of the monitor. If the monitor needs to be powered off, VOC should be recalibrated for reuse (see Article 4 for calibration methods).
2. When used for the first time, it should be powered on in a cleans environment for 48 hours, and then VOC calibration before use
3. In a cleans environment, when the power is just switched on, the VOC measurement index will exceeds the normal limit. If it still exceeds the limit after 30 minutes, please make VOC calibration first.
4. VOC calibration method: put the monitor in a cleans environment, power on and run for 2 hours, in the environmental monitoring state, activate the display screen, and then touchs any position on the display screen for a long time, and release it when "― ― ― ―" is displayed. At this time, the VOC indicator flashes, indicating that automatic calibration is in progress. After the automatic calibration is completed, it will exit automatically. The automatic calibration time varies according to the environmental conditions, generally within 30 minutes.

Packing List:
1 * CO2 Detector

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