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3 inch hand pump suction cup is a flexible air pump tooth maintenance car tool suction cup. This air pump tooth repair tool is cost saving, which allows you to fix the car again and again.

Made of high-quality rubber, will not damage the car surface, is durable and can be used for a long time.
With the tooth removal tool, you can always keep the vehicle toothless and beautiful. 
This tool is suitable for anyone, just follow simple instructions and no tool is needed.
The car tooth tool is equipped with a large suction cup holder, which makes maintenance easier. 
The hand-held suction cup allows you to appreciate the maintenance process comfortably and efficiently.
Multiple purposes, can be used to repair accidental car teeth, door roofs and damaged hail vehicles, and is safe for car painting.
A large suction cup holder makes repair easier and a suction cup pump by hand let you enjoy the repair process comfortably and efficiently.

Material: Nylon + Rubber
Type: Blue pump blue tube, Blue pump black tube, White pump blue tube, White pump black tube (optional)
Item Height: 450mm / 17.72in
Package Weight: 380g / 13.4ounces
Package Size: 450 * 135 * 80mm / 17.72 * 5.31 * 3.15in

Packing List:
1 * Dent Air Pump Repairer
1 * Support

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