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Binders, paperclips and paperclips are stored in a transparent box for documents usage.

Packaged in transparent box to keep your desk or desk drawer in well order.
Binders and paperclips are suitable for storing paper, notes, receipts, bookmarks, documents, bills, and other small items.
Pushpins are used to pin important information to any bulletin board, cork board, foam board, map, etc.
Easy to use, clips hold large piles of loose paper firmly together without slipping or falling. 
Made of metal meterial, rose gold gloss, durable and rust-proof.
Suitable for office, business, school, family, etc.

Material: Metal
Color: Rose gold
Item Size: 
 Large Binders: 48 * 25mm / 1.89 * 0.98in
 Small Binders: 36 * 18mm / 1.42 * 0.71in
 Paperclips: 28 * 8mm / 1.1 * 0.31in
 Pushpins: 20mm / 0.79in
Package Weight: 350g / 12.35ounces
Package Size: 96 * 96 * 58mm / 3.78 * 3.78 * 2.28in

Packing List:
6 * Large Binders 
15 * Small Binders 
100 * Paperclips 
50 * Pushpins

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