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Compared with traditional ukulele, this ukulele is more technical and rich in timbre. It is suitable for people of all stages to play or practice. The feel and the way it's played is the same as that of traditional ukulele.

Ultra-thin instrument body, no singing box, simple and stylish shape, no matter it is put on the car or take it to the plane, it is very convenient.
The size of the instrument is suitable and the shape is comfortable, which makes it easier for the player to play.
This ukulele allows you to practice your skills late at night without disturbing your neighbors.
Double channel output of headphones and speakers, when connect with the speakers, sound output through speakers, suitable for performances; when connect with the headphones, sound output through headphones, suitable for normal practice.

Main material: wood
Item length: 670mm / 26.4in
Strings: 4
Power: 6F22, 9V, 350mAh
Item weight: 1016g / 2.2lb
Package size: 690 * 385 * 85mm / 27.2 * 15.2 * 3.3in
Package weight: 1760g / 3.9lb

Package list:
1 * Ukulele
1 * Ukulele Bag

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