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This is an automatic induction infrared thermometer that can show the ℃ and ℉ temperature with quick response time and high precision .

This dual-screen thermometer is designed with infrared induction and optical distance sensing technology(anti-sunlight) which can measure the temperature with 0.1 s quick response time and improves the measure efficiency greatly.   
This thermometer has two display screens (front and back) to show the temperature.
 It can not only connect to computer for data review but also has bluetooth function.
This infrared induction thermometer meets different needs since it can switch between ℃ and ℉ temperature.
It can be used at various occasions such as school, office, supermarket gate, bus, etc. with various installation methods: mount it on the wall with screws, hang it with hooks, or hold it with a triangle bracket.

Input Voltage:USB DC-5V 
Charging Method: USB Charging or power bank charging 
Display Screen: Front and rear dual screen digital screen
Measurement Accuracy: ±0.2℃
Standby Time: ≈2000 hours
Response Time: 0.1 second
Ranging Method: Optical distance sensor(anti-sunlight)
Measuring Distance: Optical distance 3~7cm automatic measurement
Measuring Range: Human body 34~42℃, object surface 0~100℃
Alarm Mode: Abnormal sound and light alarm/voice alarm (optional)
Installation Method: Wall-mounted/adhesive/bracket nut/clip fixing
Package Weight: 215g/7.6oz
Package Size: 139*87*66mm/5.5*3.4*2.6in

Packing List:
1* Thermometer
1* USB Data Wire
1* Instruction
1* Qualified Certificate
2* Screws
2* Plastic Plugs

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