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Increase the power-supply anti-reverse function.
Adopt photoelectric isolation input and output to enhance anti-interference ability.
Module enters into an infinite cycle mode when powers on.
Stops working automatically after the setting time, easy to operate.
Can be used to control the reciprocating stroke or repetitive powers on and off for equipment and products burn-in test.
Perfect for home appliances and industrial equipment.

Type: DC12V only board; DC12V with DIN35 box; DC24V with DIN35 box(optional)
Material: PCB & ABS
Working voltage: DC12V or DC24 as your option
Rated current: 10A
Channel: 32
Six working modes: open, close, jog, self-locking, interlock and delay
Two control modes: AT command and MOD-BUS command
Max load: 10A/250VAC, 10A/125VAC, 10A /30VDC, 10A /28VDC, 10A /12VDC
Item weight: 296g(type 1); 466g(type 2 & 3)
Item size: 180 * 90 * 20mm
Package weight: 300g(type 1); 470g(type 2 & 3)
Package size: 185 * 95 * 25mm

Packing List:
1 * Relay Module

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