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This product can easily formed the protective film on car paint surface, it is super waterproof, antifouling effect, better able to withstand the harsh rain and snow.

It protects against erosion and strong sunlight ultrviolet radiation.
The effects can last for a long time.
Contains polymer structure, super anti-UV.
Can form a hard wax protective layer.
New or used cars can be used.
Easy and convenient to use.

Item type: Scratch Repair Wax
Color: Red, orange, green, black(optional) 
Package weight: 830g / 1.82pounds 
Package size: 195 * 130 * 85mm / 7.67 * 5.11 * 3.34inches

Package list:
1 * Scratch Repair Wax
1 * Sponge
1 * cleaning cloth
1 * car wash mud

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