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The punch locator is an adjustable fence allow for precise drilling alignment for your perfect wood working.

Easy to use, you can improve your woodworking projects.
The jig itself has anodized surface which are specially designed to resist corrosion.
Saves time wasted making wood templates.
Helps eliminate drilling mistakes.
Reversible for quick drilling.
Front-mounted clamp handle, making it easier to be fixed.
Removable drill guide blocks, easy to assemble.
ABS engineering plastic and aluminum alloy material, lightweight and practical.
Convenient to use, keep, and carry.

Material: ABS, aluminum alloy
Color: silver, green
Item size: 440 * 280 * 25mm / 17.3 * 11.0 * 1.0in
Item weight: 340g / 12.0ounce
Package size: 400 * 50 * 50mm / 15.7 * 2.0 * 2.0in
Package weight: 350g / 12.3ounce

Package list:
1 * Punch Locator
1 * Storage Bag

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